Rules and Regulations


Ryan’s Ridge Rules

1. You are responsible for your children and pets at all times

2. Swimming alone is prohibited, parents must accompany children under 12. A full list of pool rules available at the office

3. Children must be on their own site by 11pm

4. Helmets must be worn while riding bicycles at all times. There are no bikes allowed after dark. 

5. Speed limit is 9 ½ km/hr

6. Do not trespass on lots or cut through lots

7. Bringing in fire wood is prohibited. Please order wood by 7pm from the office. 

8. Please do not move firepits or picnic tables.

9. Fires must be supervised at all times. Keep burning low and follow burn bans and restrictions. 

10. No alcohol is permitted past the gate. 

11. Drinking and driving in, out, or around the park will NOT be tolerated. 

12. No person under the age of 19 is permitted to have alcohol in their possession or to enter the rec hall dance. Visitors may be asked to show ID

13. Management or staff are not responsible for any occurrences that take place away from the campground

14. ATVs, dirt bikes, and other OHVs are not permitted in the park aside from scheduled runs. 

15. Please keep your site tidy, clean up after yourselves. Sort your garbage: recycling, cardboard, garbage. There are bins available by the gate to dispose.

A full list of rules is available at the office upon request. 

We are a privately owned campground. We reserve the right to refuse admission or ask anyone to leave based on our judgment of the situation. We ask your courtesy and cooperation obeying our staff and the rules. Disrespect will not be tolerated. 

These rules are for your own benefit and protection and are intended to make this campground a place for relaxation and enjoyment.

Thank you, 

Dave and Betty Falconer